[Workshop] The importance of effective communication

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Workshop : Effective Communication Technopark Agadir Accompagnement Incubateur Maroc

[Workshop] The importance of effective communication

We are delighted to invite you for a workshop on the Importance of Effective Communication, to be held at Technopark Agadir.

This workshop is designed to help you enhance your networking and business communication skills, address common communication fears among young professionals, and provide strategies to improve your overall communication effectiveness.


Join us to gain valuable insights from our speakers, Noman Jawaid, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of Weblify Media, and Barrister Faisal Mehmood, Professional Lawyer and Founder of Abbot Solicitors United Kingdom. Their expertise and experience will provide you with practical tips and strategies to overcome communication barriers and enhance your professional interactions.


This workshop aims to:

  • Strengthen your networking capabilities and build meaningful professional relationships.
  • Improve your business communication skills to ensure clarity and effectiveness in your professional interactions.
  • Help young professionals address and conquer their communication fears.
  • Provide actionable strategies to improve your overall communication.


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from industry experts and enhance your communication skills. We look forward to welcoming you to this workshop!