[AfterWork] Applying a global mindset to the entrepreneurial mindset

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[AfterWork] Applying a global mindset to the entrepreneurial mindset

We are thrilled to invite you to an engaging workshop titled « Applying a Global Mindset to the Entrepreneurial Mindset. » This exciting event, organized in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Morocco and the U.S. State Department, aims to create a space where entrepreneurial thinking and global perspectives converge.


At Technopark, we understand the importance of embracing diverse perspectives and fostering inclusive entrepreneurship. In line with our commitment to providing valuable insights, we are pleased to announce two distinguished speakers who will enrich the workshop with their expertise.


Our first guest speaker is Lesley Robinson, the founding director of Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute at the University of Texas. Lesley has been instrumental in supporting women in the tech sector through her work with the Chanel foundation’s « PowHER in Tech » project and INCO Global’s Academy training program. Her extensive experience in empowering women entrepreneurs and promoting equitable access in the tech industry makes her an invaluable resource for our workshop.

Additionally, we are delighted to introduce Sabrina Nassih, Program Associate at Impact for Development, Consultant, and PhD candidate in Organizational Inclusion. With a strong background in openness policies, local governance, and social inclusion, Sabrina has collaborated with renowned organizations such as Open Government Partnership and Gustave Eiffel to drive positive change in the MENA region. Her expertise in conducting research, data analysis, and designing effective programs allows her to provide valuable insights and innovative solutions for inclusive and sustainable practices.


During the workshop, both speakers will engage in an open-floor format, encouraging a vibrant exchange with the audience throughout the entire session. It promises to be a unique opportunity for networking, learning, and gaining fresh perspectives on the intersection of a global mindset and the entrepreneurial mindset.

Mandatory registration : tanger@technopark.ma